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God Be With You, Heaven Knows The Devil Is

by Farstar

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Airtight 04:33
The armor plated doors, this burning inside us, the guards at full alert, their radio silence. We're crawling through the air ducts; we're lying on our backs. Like angels we're descending down the elevator shafts. The walls are 3 ft thick. I’ve got these x-ray eyes where there's a lock to pick, we'll find our way inside. I know it's not that much; I know it's not alright. I don't believe in luck when the walls are airtight. With silence the only soundtrack, light footfalls a metronome. The key to avoiding contact is doing the job alone. But no string is ever flawless and no man the perfect mark. So hold your breath and walk soft, pray it doesn't fall apart.
Cash Only 04:27
I'm sorry dad I never met your expectations of success I gave my year, held down that desk with that silk noose around my neck With angel eyes on pyramids, in god we trust the president. Unblinking and lonely, I'm thinking cash only In the end it made no sense. A million years I could have spent. I looked at my hands and loosed the reins. I'll let those horses take me where they may.
My first wife left at twenty one. So brief; just a six month affair. I guess she thought it might be easier. But love steals i'm turning thirty next year She never understood my love for breaking out and breaking in. We've all got cheating hearts, untouchable and broken. My first wife took all the furniture. So young; my family understood. Some things are bound for failure. I told her twice I gave her all I could. We've all got secret parts, untouchable, unspoken.
I'm invincible in small denominations. Out of sequence serials insure my protection The combination lock is set; The attaché is full of one hundred dollar stacks, all untraceable. Under a black light true colors disappear. An ultraviolet watermark reveals our deepest fears: of all those greenbacks lost, your best laid plans gone south with nothing in your hands and a pistol in your mouth. With angel eyes on pyramids, in god we trust the president. No plastic cards or cashiers check We're turning green the blue, the white, the red.
Dear heart, I got your letter underneath my door. I left it on the floor too scared to break the seal apart. I guess it's better; unopened sentiments detailing my offense are better left ignored. Maybe the winter comes like violins in sorry songs. And baby we're so far gone we can only hope to drift ashore... My love, I hope you get this. Page after page, detailing our escape. Just meet me before dawn is breaking. God I'm so tired of staring at the sun. I've thrown away my gun and I'm praying that's enough...
I’m always bumping into things since I bumped into you. My trust fund dried and done only 22. I could attempt burlesque, work a minimum wage. Or hustle an empty nest trophy life on display. And there you were With stubble and shotgun, a safety net a grift. I will drive the car you can take the risk. You hated that cubical, you took it so personal. Double-check my ski mask. And there we are.
We watched the van, a six-month stretch of timing red lights and maps. Satellite images from the net, auto schematics and photographs. We remembered our masks - those getaway faces - we'd use when we were done. The gun,the gas - those tools of the trade - we remembered every one. It blows me away how and idea can form and just take over. It's not every day you find yourself behind the wheel with an armored car to steal. That old man driving, he's no match his eyes they say it all. The kid in the back, he's got no gun just a phone with no one to call. No contingency plan was ever considered; no retreat and no plan B. After all when you run for that gold you only plan to succeed. It blows me away how and idea ignored can just boil over. It's not every day that you find yourself with a loaded gun and your getaway faces on. God told me in a dream last night: God wants you to know you're wrong. So I took that razor to my face and strapped my pistol on. When God speaks you'd better listen son so I shot that bastard dead on sight. I don't know if it was part of the plan or if I was just trying to avoid the fight.
And sometimes the bullets fly like leaves tossed in a tempest. All around the ground just swells but it's only breaking the surface. And boiling over lakes of fire melt your shoes to the ground. Standing still immovable; frozen cold not knowing how. When your hope dies at your feet you can't wait to start breathing again. All that comes is a hiss from your lips. God be with you, heaven knows the devil is Yet another unread letter; short skirt photos of late nights out. We stumble in and kick it off and in slow motion fumble about. And in this freeze-framed state we've found our love; our love holds true. And in spite of traffic lights these fist-a-cuffs are nothing new.
Ocean Floor 04:00
Somewhat unexpectedly I found myself alone. An international airport, in a country I didn't know. No one seemed to speak my language and my wallet had disappeared. No cash, ID or currency; it was as I'd often feared. Everything is falling down around me now. I can't think of anything that could help me out. Sometimes it's best I've found when nothing comes just listen to the air around; feel my heart beat in and out, the silence stills the noisy crowds. Maybe I could drive out to california and wonder up the coast. Pick up bits of broken shell and sleep out fully clothed. And when I'm hungry I'll eat the sea; when I'm thirsty I'll drink the sky. I might be dead right now so I'd better leave tonight. Water up to my knees the birds above the salt air so sweet. I wish that I could walk to another continent along the ocean floor. Because I believe in the ocean floor.


released January 31, 2012

Produced by The Farstar, Rip Rowan and Salim Nourallah.
Mixed by Rip Rowan and Salim Nourallah (Pleasantry Lane)
Additional Tracking by Rob Colwell and Mike Griffen (Bombworks)
Mastered by Nolan Brett (Crystal Clear Sound)
Album Art by Lance Lindsey

Farstar is:
Shannon Barrett - Lead and Backing Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard
Michael Maney - Bass, Keyboard, Percussion, Guitar, Drums, Backing Vocals

Zechariah Lumpkin - Guitar and Backing Vocals
Christopher Hathcock - Guitar
Lance Lindsey - Drums and Percussion

All lyrics by Barrett except track 6 by Maney.
Music/Arrangements by the Farstar.


all rights reserved



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